White Paper on Multi-Factor Authentication in Microsoft Windows Environments

A new ERNW whitepaper was just published. I wrote this whitepaper in the course of my bachelor thesis and it examines multi-factor authentication in Microsoft Windows environments:

Credential theft and the subsequent reuse of stolen credentials are a significant problem in today’s information security. To counter the associated risks, a planned approach is required as part of a comprehensive security architecture program. This includes the implementation of multi-factor authentication as an important building block. This whitepaper covers the relevant steps of implementing a multi-factor authentication system in an enterprise environment and closes with a security evaluation.

A digitally signed version of the whitepaper can be found here.

Further you may have noted that at #TR18 there will be a new track dedicated to Active Directory Security. Details can be found here.



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      unfortunately, this document is only available in German language at the moment.

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