TR17 Training: Hacking 101

Hi there,
Like in recent years the popular Hacking 101 workshop will take place on TROOPERS17, too! The workshop will give attendees an insight into the hacking techniques required for penetration testing. These techniques will cover various topics:

  • information gathering
  • network scanning
  • web application hacking
  • low-level exploitation

…and more!

During this workshop you will learn, step by step, a testing methodology that is applicable to the majority of scenarios. So imagine you have to assess the security of a system running on the Internet. How would you start? First, you need a good understanding about the target, including running services or related systems. Just scanning an IP will most likely not reveal a lot of information about the system. The gathered information may help you to identify communication relations of services that could include vulnerabilities. A brief understanding of the target and it’s related systems/services/applications will make scanning and identifying vulnerabilities a lot easier and more effective. Then, the last step will be the exploitation of the identified vulnerabilities, with the ultimate aim to get access to the target system and pivot to other, probably internal, systems and resources.

So if you are interested in learning these techniques and methodologies, join us at the TROOPERS17 Hacking 101 training! Attendees should have a brief understanding of TCP/IP networking and should be familiar with command lines on Linux systems. Also, being familiar with a programming/scripting language is considered useful.

Hope to see you at TROOPERS17 and the Hacking 101 workshop!


P.S.: On Wednesday evening you can test your skills under real world conditions in the PacketWars competition! We like to assemble Hacking 101 team to defeat the others and win the competition! 😉 (Participation is voluntary, but strongly recommended.)

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