ITSeCX 2016: Pulling an all-nighter in Austria

Last Friday I gave a talk at the ITSeCX in St. Pölten, Austria. The conference, hosted by the local University of Applied Sciences, has already taken place ten times. I don’t know how many people attended this time, 2014 there were about 600; I read somewhere on the net. There were four tracks and some workshops from 4pm to the conference’s end at midnight. I enjoyed the community-feeling there very much, even though I arrived late. The only talks I saw, were Adrian Dabrowski speaking about the DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge, the finals took part in Las Vegas this August, and the very entertaining end-of-year review from two UAS guys.

My talk’s title was “Rage Against The Radio” (click title for slides) and should give a short overview of software defined radio, what it is, what it’s useful for and why it sometimes isn’t the best choice regarding the use case. Difficult to put this in a 30min session, as it’s a highly interesting topic, where one could talk about for days 😉 I combined the overview with some personal SDR war stories, including the SDR setups and its alternatives. This wasn’t intended to be groundbreaking stuff – really just only a short overview of SDR for interested people and / or newbies.

PS: The title is a lie – I already went to bed at 2am 😉