ERNW Hardening Repository

Today we started publishing several of our hardening documents to a dedicated GitHub repository — and we’re quite excited about it! It took a while to develop a suitable markdown template to support all the requirements you have when you write a hardening guide, but we’re online now!

At the moment, only a few hardening guides are online, but that should continuously increase in the future.

Click here for the GitHub ERNW Hardening Repository!




  1. Applied Crypto Hardening

    Cisco IOS Hardening Guide

    Cisco IOS XR Hardening Guide

    Cisco NX-OS Hardening Guide

    Cisco ASA Hardening Guide

    Cisco ASA Best Practices Guide

    Juniper Junos Hardening Guide

    VMware Hardening Guides

    Team Cymru Secure template

    Other IPv6 Hardening Sources:
    Cisco IPv6 First Hop Security (FHS)

    Cisco IPv6 First Hop Security (FHS)

    Cisco IOS IPv6 Feature Mapping (check for table: IPv6 First-Hop Security Features)

    Cisco NX-OS IPv6 Features are supported in NX-OS (check for the IPv6 First-Hop Security Features on the configuration manual)

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