SnoopCon Guest Day

This year I had the pleasure to join the guest day of BT’s SnoopCon. There were quite a number of interesting talks throughout the day such as

  • Saumil Shah‘s presentation on Stegosploit (as well as his rant about the state of information security)
  • Dr. Grigorios Fragkos‘ talk on airplane security (where he presented some maybe not-so-pleasant but also some good-to-hear facts on the security posture of airplanes)
  • Dominic Spill‘s demonstration of tools and methods used to reverse engineer RF protocols
  • Hacker Fantastic‘s talk on how to use the AX.25 protocol to bounce radio signals off the ISS to communicate with systems around the world
  • Kostas Litovois’ and Vincent Yiu’s presentation on #WePWNise, a tool that can be used to efficiently create malicious VBA macros (by taking EMET configuration details into account)
  • Bryan Fite‘s talk on how we have to think about Safety, Security, and Privacy in the IoT age.

I really enjoyed the talks and had a great time! Thanks to all the organizers and speakers!


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