Greetings everyone,

On Saturday last week I had the pleasure of delivering a workshop on IPv6 networking at the MRMCD2015 conference in Darmstadt, Germany. It goes without saying that the atmosphere was quite amicable; as usual at CCC-related events. What definitely impressed me the most was the diversity of the audience. There were around thirty attendees representing several age groups and all with seemingly differing backgrounds.

The engagement of everyone was stunning. I questioned the most engaged attendees relentlessly and they fired back. I was being constantly bombarded with questions from enthusiastic geeks and they got, hopefully, what they deserved. This provided for a great learning environment, a friendly atmosphere and in my humble opinion really constructive dialogues. Well, one has to be interested and enthusiastic in order to spend three hours on a rainy Saturday evening discussing IPv6.

Props to everyone who participated!

Although initially around 15 attendees were expected, 30+ showed up. This did extend the initially planned set-up time but in the end we managed to get almost everyone up and running, even the guy running Ubuntu with Cinnamon and WICD <oh god why>. The lab set-up worked as planned and the attendees had the opportunity to get their hands dirty with IPv6. All in all and according to some guys’ feedback it seems that everyone got useful insights out of our three hours together.

For those wondering about the slides, they can be found here:

Summarizing, it was a well-spent albeit tiring Saturday evening. Luckily, the unlimited supply of Bitter-lemon Schweppes in the speaker-lounge saved the night.

Thanks for reading,

Jayson S.