ERNW @Mudiator

Today the ERNW Team participated in the Mudiator mud race in Mannheim. This mud run features 25 obstacles over 8 km, you can do either one or two rounds. Participating for the first time, the ERNW team went for one round (the Legionnaire distance as opposed to the two round Hercules distance):



Following our idea of open access to knowledge (both about vulnerabilities and sports 😉 ), here are some hints/lessons learned:

  • The run starts in waves. Being not familiar with the particular way, we waited about an hour until we actually started our run. Being in the last group, there were long lines in front of the obstacles.
  • You need certain amounts of strength, stamina, and endurance. Prepared by the Troopers 10k run, most team members coped well with the distance of 8 kilometers. If you want to prepare in addition, explosive body weight exercises will probably do the trick (as a rough shot, push-ups, box jumps, stair/hill sprints, and lots of pull-up-variations)
  • It was 30°C, luckily everyone was expecting that and was appropriately dressed and hydrated.
  • Gloves supporting your grip are a good choice and actually help with lots of climbing, lifting, and crawling.
  • People were incredibly supportive when it came to obstacles that required team work — great atmosphere!

While we didn’t really have the ambition or chance to go for a competitive time since we started in the last group, we had a lot of fun and it was a great team effort to bring everyone across the obstacles and the finish line:




Looking forward to see you at the Troopers 10k,

The ERNW Mudiator Team