t2’13 Infosec Conference

Hey everybody,

I am little bit late to the party, but I had the pleasure to present a talk about VoIP based toll fraud incidents (more on this in a following blogpost, for the moment my slides can be found here) at the annual t2 security conference in Helsinki. The conference took place from 24th to 25th October in the Radisson Blu Royal hotel. I must say that it was a blast. Tomi (the host) took really good care of all speakers, and I really liked the spirit of the conference, very similar to Troopers. It is not an commercial event, seats are limited to 100 and it is all about delivering a great set of talks to the audience and having a good time during and after the conference. Sure the conference has some sponsors and tickets are sold, but Tomi doesn’t do it to earn money. His only intention is to cover the cost for setting up this great event.

Speaking of content, all talks I have seen were great in one way or the other, but my personal favorite (I am a little bit biased here) was from Andrea Barisani who talked about “Fully arbitrary 802.3 packet injection: maximizing the Ethernet attack surface”.  As Andrea is much better than me describing what he did, an excerpt of the abstract can be found below:

It is generally assumed that sending and sniffing arbitrary Fast Ethernet
packets can be performed with standard Network Interface Cards (NIC) and
generally available packet injection software. However, full control of frame
values such as the Frame Check Sequence (FCS) or Start-of-Frame delimiter (SFD)
has historically required the use of dedicated and costly hardware.Our
presentation will dissect Fast Ethernet layer 1 & 2 presenting novel attack
techniques supported by an affordable hardware setup with customized firmware
which will be publicly released.

The whitepaper is definitely worth reading and can be found (including everything research related) here. Besides the theory, Andrea presented a really cool demo where he “magically transformed” a UDP packet into a TCP packet. 😉

After the conference ended Tomi invited all speakers to a traditional Finnish restaurant. The food was delicious and it was an awesome end to an awesome conference. If you happen to have time next year on October 23/24 and want to visit Finland, you should definitely attend the conference. So mark your calendars 😉

Thanks again Tomi for all the effort!


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