DayCon VII

Some of us had the pleasure to participate in this year’s Daycon VII, three days of Real Hacking and Relevant Content, in Dayton, OH. The event began on September 16th with the Packetwars bootcamp. We had the chance to teach some really promising young students and to prepare them for the Packetwars battle that was scheduled four days later. The students had to go through topics like Windows security, network security and web application security both practical and in theory.

On Wednesday the talks started under the theme “Tools of the Trade” with Dr. Cofta who took us through his most recent work around Trust Enhanced Risk Management (TERM, see also here). His proposed solution allows companies to run risk management knowing that they do not miss on trust. He illustrated his research by letting the audience perform an impressive exercise. After that, Matthias of ERNW had the chance to show the ERNW Rapid Rating System (ERRS), explaining some pitfalls of vulnerability rating and how to deal with them. The second part of the day was named “Disruptive Technologies”. Graeme Neilson from Aura Information Security and Christopher from ERNW were showing the audience results of their research. Christopher went through a case study concerning toll fraud by abusing VOIP environments of large companies, giving the audience a very practical insight on what is happening in the wild.

Thursday started of with a 5k run in the morning. After that Sergey Bratus and Rodrigo Rubira Branco started the day with “Radical Thinking” and some amazing insight on data that shed some light on how AV-vendors might need to rethink their approaches to be effective in detecting malware. I had a chance to present some brand new research on the security of medical devices including a live demo in the last section of the day that was called “Point of Origin Hacking”.

On Friday, the PacketWars event started with 4 teams, including the students from the bootcamp. After some hours of hacking and a really dramatic finish the students from the bootcamp won the first place.

This event closed the 7th Daycon which we thought was awesome! Thank you Bryan and we hope to see all of you guys on Troopers 14!


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