SLES 11 Hardening Guide

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) has been around since 2000. As it is designed to be used in an enterprise environment the security of these systems must be kept at a high level. SLES implements a lot of basic security measures that are common in most Linux systems, but are these enough to protect your business? We think that with a little effort you can raise the security of your SLES installation a lot.

We have compiled the most relevant security settings in a SLES 11 hardening guide for you. The guide is supposed to provide a solid base of hardening measures. It includes configuration examples and all necessary commands for each measure. We have split the measures into three categories: Authentication, System Security and Network Security. These are the relevant parts to look for when hardening a system. The hardening guide also includes lists of default services that will help to decide which services to turn off, which is an essential step to minimize the attack surface of your system.

See all of the steps that we compiled for you in our hardening guide for SLES 11: ERNW_Checklist_SLES11_Hardening.pdf

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