pytacle preview


today I’ll give a short preview of my newest tool, pytacle. It is simply a little helper program to control gnuradio/airprobe/kraken/some_other_tools, convert their input/output and to find a use able clear/cipher text combination to break A5/1. In the end it should record, crack and decode/play a gsm phone call with ~5 mouse clicks.

Take a look at this video:

The code is not available yet, as its not finished 😉 the recording and cracking part are working, but the decoding doesn’t. I need to put some more time into the code, but there isn’t much spare in that time of the year 😀




    1. Hi,

      the code is not yet public, as i havent had the time to finish it 😉 But no worry, it will be released, once its done.



  1. Have pytacle alpha2 installed but unable to record any data. It sets the right freq and I can see there is signal there but no bytes recorded.When I look at the terminal I see the usual data flowing. Can anybody help.

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