pytacle – alpha2

Its been a long time, since i released the last version of pytacle, but now the time has come. Here is alpha2 with some new features: – Support of RTLSDR sticks – Possibility to scan for cells around you – Changed the code to generate real KCs (but as nobody noticed the wrong KCs i […]

Pytacle alpha1 released!

Finally it’s here! pytacle is a tool inspired by tentacle. It automates the task of sniffing GSM frames of the air, extracting the key exchange, feeding kraken with the key material and finally decode/decrypt the voice data. All You need is a USRP (or similar) to capture the GSM band and a kraken instance with […]

pytacle preview

Hi, today I’ll give a short preview of my newest tool, pytacle. It is simply a little helper program to control gnuradio/airprobe/kraken/some_other_tools, convert their input/output and to find a use able clear/cipher text combination to break A5/1. In the end it should record, crack and decode/play a gsm phone call with ~5 mouse clicks. Take […]